About Vandervie


Our mission is to help travelers unplug, explore, discover, and be present in the places they are visiting. By providing a fun and efficient alternative to the overwhelming process of researching and planning for a trip, Vandervie helps travelers save time, avoid generic travel recommendations, and explore new places with confidence.


Vandervie creates personalized travel for the modern explorer. We provide you with a thoughtful, well-edited itinerary of selections that match the travel experience you want including destinations, accommodations, restaurants, and things to do. Maybe it's visiting a few breweries, hiking five miles for great views, browsing local art galleries, or having rooftop cocktails. Whatever your adventure, we'll help you discover quality experiences while saving you hours of research and planning.


We use a personalized, online interface to learn the details of the travel experience you want. Our recommendations are based on the type of travel experience you're looking for, what we think you'll like based on your preferences, our own experiences traveling and exploring, plus ongoing research, reading and talking with locals about what's new and fun. We have no formal affiliations with the places we’re sending you, and they don’t pay us to send you there. We're continually adding to the places and experiences we recommend. Think of us as your dynamic, personalized, modernized guide book.

Where we are

Vandervie is a new Denver-based travel technology company with services currently available for Colorado travel. Soon we'll expand our services west. If there's a destination you'd really like Vandervie to help you explore, we'd love to hear from you.


Late-night Vienna, November 2015. I had just attended my first-ever opera at the Staatsoper, the city’s gorgeous and historic opera house. I was all dressed up, the city was glowing from the rain that was falling, and I wasn’t ready to go back to my Airbnb. I also hadn’t eaten dinner. I set off in hopes of discovering an amazing, probably hidden, super cool hangout. I walked around for an hour. I searched the main city thoroughfares and wandered down a few tucked away streets. There were a lot of options, but nothing that looked special or exciting. It was getting late and places were closing. I was getting hungrier, and the pain from my high heels was really slowing me down. It started raining harder. My hopes of serendipitously finding a magical dining establishment were diminishing. Instead I settled on a place called Mozart’s, an expensive, painfully generic “Austrian” restaurant that was perfectly positioned to catch all of the tourists from Vienna’s downtown attractions. It was fine, but my nights in Vienna were limited, and I ate dinner with the disappointing feeling that I was missing out on something way better. This was the exact reason I usually spent way too many hours researching and planning things likes where to eat, where to stay, and what to do, and connecting the dots between travel apps, blogs, maps, actual books, travel articles torn out from magazines, suggestions from locals, and recommendations from friends. I care a lot about how my time and money are spent, and I truly want the best experience possible from every travel opportunity.

My name is Holly, and I started Vandervie because I believe travel should be a personal and meaningful experience. Whether it's strolling the neighborhoods of Rome, staying up too late in Buenos Aires, or climbing mountains at home in Colorado, many pivotal moments in my life have happened while getting out of my daily routine, exploring something new, and taking on adventures. But the problem is, good planning and research take a lot of time, and if you don't want to spend the hours to do it, you end up having the same experience as everybody else, or just doing the same old things. The purpose of Vandervie is to help you avoid planning headaches and subpar travel experiences. I hope you find this service useful and fun, and I hope it helps you form a better connection with the places you go and the people who go with you. Enjoy Vandervie.

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