Bender Travel Plan

Vandervie Bender Travel Plan

vacation for real.


The Bender Travel Plan will cover quality time at a single destination if you just want to chill, or several destinations if you'd really like to cover some ground. Simply tell us where you want to go or what you want to do during your trip, and we'll create a personalized itinerary to match the travel experience you want.

Don't have a destination in mind? We'll select one for you based on how you want to spend your weekend. Don't have specific travel dates? No sweat. We'll plan for the season you're traveling so you can keep your trip flexible while you talk it over with friends or in case your plans change.


If you don't know where you'd like to travel, we'll choose your destination for you based on the experience you want for your trip. Are you willing to drive and want to go somewhere remote? Looking for a more polished, urban adventure? We'll help you find the experience you're looking for without the hours of research, reviews, and recommendations from Gary at the office. Since your trip is longer and you'll have a lot of time for exploring, we can suggest multiple destinations for your Bender.

Our selections can include hotels, cabins, yurts, camping, Airbnb, VRBO and anything else that's fun, unique, interesting, clean, a good value, and a good location. We'll narrow down options based on your general budget and your preferences from your trip request. If you have specific travel dates, we'll confirm lodging availability for the weekend of your trip. The number of recommendations we provide depends on your destination, but expect two to four selections per destination. Once you decide where you'd like to stay, you'll book your accommodations directly with the property.

We love exploring, and we're pretty sure you do, too. Whether it's hiking, mountain biking, going to the theatre or strolling indie boutiques, we'll include adventures and experiences to make your weekend fully complete. We share information in your Travel Plan by linking to the best resources and information for things like a specific trail, the schedule of a great yoga studio in town, or the services of an awesome fly fishing guide. We'll provide the best resources we can to save you the time and uncertainty of researching all the things you want to do during your trip.

We'll ask about what you like, dietary preferences and general budget so we can recommend the best of your destination's staples, plus what's new, delicious, and fun. We also include recommendations for essentials like coffee or cocktails, and maybe cupcakes or donuts if there's someplace you really shouldn't miss. The number of recommendations we provide depends on your destination, but expect two to three selections per meal for each day of your trip.

We'll ask for a general budget preference for your trip and provide a range of recommendations to fit that budget. From dining to accommodations to activities, we make selections that provide good value and match the travel experience you want.

The logistics of your Travel Plan are arranged to minimize unnecessary driving and maximize walkability where possible. We also consider the hours of operation and busy times for each selection, so it's place in your itinerary will reflect the best time to visit. Perhaps there's a great lunch spot along the drive to your destination. Maybe there's someplace you'll be tempted to go that's way overrated. If there's helpful information you should know about your destination that will make your trip go more smoothly or just be more fun, we'll include it in your Travel Plan.

Your Bender Travel Plan arrives in your inbox within 48-72 hours from when Vandervie receives your trip request.


I can’t wait to go and explore! I truly appreciate how curated this is to me and my preferences. I also love that I won’t have to use Yelp!
— Grace E.