What's Great in Denver: Base Coat Nail Salon

Image: Base Coat Nail Salon

Image: Base Coat Nail Salon

The Base Coat Experience

Sipping rosé, browsing a selection of gorgeous, local, handmade jewelry and accessories, flipping through a well-curated stack of magazines, chatting with other chilled-out Denverites who are doing the same thing - that's Base Coat. And while these activities are pleasant in and of themselves, you're actually just waiting to get a manicure or pedicure that's likely way more enjoyable than any other salon experience you've had.

Nail salon choices are typically one of two things: nice but over-priced, or cheap but of questionable cleanliness. In that case we can do our own nails, thank you. But Base Coat is the sweet spot that's neither of these, and instead provides its guests a truly delightful experience that's actually worth it.

The staff is pleasant, fun to talk with, and they don't rush through services. Base Coat makes its own line of polishes, other nail products like polish remover, and bath products such as lotion and sugar scrub. All products are completely non-toxic, and Base Coat salons don't offer services that are harsh or damaging to nails.

The Base Coat Community

Base Coat isn't just a cool spot to get your nails done. While many salons serve as gathering places to chat with friends over a manicure, this team has developed a unique community of strong women who closely identify with the Base Coat brand and service offering.

"For us, community is a huge reason why we've opened our businesses," says Tran Wills, one of Base Coat's founders. "It's why we are so successful because without the amazing support from our community and clients we could not survive as a business, and that is the truth. I think sometimes business owners forget that. We have always made our clients number one not only in our services but also through thoughtful design, and creating a safe and welcoming space."

In the months during and after the election, Base Coat made it clear through social media that their salons are spaces where all are welcomed without judgement. The brand has been vocal about its support of women's equality - an authentic part of Base Coat that makes it not just another nail salon.

What's Next

The group will soon open a second Denver location in the Stapleton area, recently opened a Los Angeles location, and has plans for a second DTLA spot. Wills says of Base Coat's growth, "We do have plans to open more locations nationwide in the future but right now our main focus is on Colorado and California, and our own line of non-toxic nail care products that we want to offer at other nail salons and indie shops."

Appointments at Base Coat can be reserved online, and its non-toxic products can also be purchased online.

Image: Base Coat Nail Salon

Image: Base Coat Nail Salon

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