Where to Go for 2017 Denver Restaurant Week

Denver Restaurant Week 2017

Over the last few years, the Denver restaurant scene has exploded with amazing additions. Right now there are so many good restaurants in Denver that going anywhere less than excellent is a waste of a meal out. It used to be that Denver Restaurant Week provided the best opportunity to experience fine dining at an affordable price, but gone are the days of the $52.80 meal for two - you may have noticed that while there is still a $25 option, prices at most restaurants have gone up to $35 or $45 per plate. There are still a ton of great restaurants to choose from for Denver Restaurant Week, but there are also many excellent places to dine that are not participating. Denver Restaurant Week takes place February 24 through March 5, so make your reservations today to avoid a 5:15 or 9:30 dinner, or visit these restaurants once their regular menus return.


One of the more exciting options on the Denver Restaurant Week list, the former Jonesy’s space has transformed into a magical Italian wonderland of fresh fish and delectable mozzarella. You’ll want to order nearly everything on the menu, and with reasonable prices and shareable dishes, you nearly can. The service is incredibly friendly and helpful without overdoing it, and the ambience is basically Italy.
Uptown - 400 E. 20th Avenue, Denver
Reservations accepted

Que Bueno Suerte

It’s hard not to love the requisite Supreme Burrito with Green Chile - but for one evening, cast aside your standard Mexican fare and go to Suerte where you’ll find pretty much perfect ceviche and chile rellenos among other delightful and more interesting dishes. Order a spicy marg and/or the New Belgium Cocoa Mole to start.
Platt Park - 1518 S. Pearl Street, Denver
Reservations accepted


If you haven't made the trip to adorable downtown Golden to visit Abejas, get out there. Golden is very much trending with new and excellent restaurants, and Abejas has lead the charge. With tasty shared plates and solid entree choices made with an emphasis on fresh and local ingredients, this is a great place for a date night. Be sure to hit the Golden Moon Speakeasy after dinner.
Golden - 807 13th Street
Reservations accepted


Ophelia's is one of the most fun and lively spots in Denver. Whether you're going with friends, co-workers or your date, you'll love diving into the great selection of American-style shared plates and standout cocktails. On many nights, you'll likely get in on some live music. Plus you'll have that one Lumineers song in your head for a week.
Ballpark - 1215 20th Street, Denver
Reservations accepted

Osteria Marco

Marco never disappoints. Go here for a lively night out on Larimer Square with friends, your date, or your kids - Osteria Marco is very good at being family-friendly. You can keep your Italian dinner casual with house wine and pizza, or go for one of the fancier, fantastic entrees or charcuterie selections.
LoDo - 1453 Larimer Street, Denver
Reservations accepted

The Way Back

This neighborhood favorite is easy to miss, but you should go out of your way to get here. Cocktails steal the show. However, the frequently-changing menu is original and a nice break from the cauliflower, brussels sprouts and bacon found at most other trendy, seasonal restaurants.
Berkeley - 4132 W. 38th Avenue, Denver
Reservations accepted


This cozy Highlands spot is a gem for simple, flavorful Italian cooking. A great wine list, delicious desserts, and excellent service make Spuntino the perfect date restaurant. For the last couple of years, the Denver Restaurant Week menu here has been one of the best in town.
Highland - 2639 W. 32nd Avenue, Denver
Reservations accepted

Hop Alley

Two words: steamed eggplant. The smallish but incredible Chinese-inspired menu at Hop Alley is not to be missed, as you long as you’re into trendy dining. That does not at all mean you will go hungry. It just means you may need to wait for your table while having a few cocktails at the bar, which you should just do anyway.
RiNo - 3500 Larimer Street, Denver
Reservations not accepted for small parties
Not participating in Denver Restaurant Week


For a casual, lively and affordable meal, head to the tiny and always-pleasing Cart-Driver in Rino. If you don’t want the hoopla of a full sit-down dinner, this is the perfect spot to cozy up in a corner booth and chat over wood-fired pizza, cocktails, and 90's hip hop. Fresh oysters are a bonus to the evening.
RiNo - 2500 Larimer Street, Denver
Reservations not accepted
Not participating in Denver Restaurant Week


A tasty variety of sushi, dim sum and other Asian dishes are served up at uber-trendy Departure inside the Halcyon Hotel. Pop in for lunch, or sip cocktails at the bar and have your dinner there for optimal people watching. For a bonus adventure, get yourself into the sneaky new B&GC for a nightcap.
Cherry Creek - 249 Columbine Street, Denver
Reservations accepted
Not participating in Denver Restaurant Week


This is the best restaurant in Denver to somehow be forgotten in the usual "Where should we go tonight?" conversation. Eclectic and homey, the setting is perfect for the seasonal menu which frequently changes, and it's a fantastic family and vegetarian-friendly place. Should you visit in the warmer months, request in advance outdoor seating in the gorgeous garden.
Capitol Hill - 1109 Ogden Street, Denver
Reservations accepted
Not participating in Denver Restaurant Week


If you liked La La Land, you will lose your mind at Nocturne where the music, cocktails and ambiance make for a romantic spot that’s different than anything else in Denver. Dinner is served at this supper club, but it also makes for an excellent post-dinner place to enjoy fantastic live jazz and extend a date that’s going well.
RiNo - 1330 27th Street, Denver
Reservations accepted
Not participating in Denver Restaurant Week

Image: Que Bueno Suerte

Image: Que Bueno Suerte

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